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Gender Responsive Agriculture Systems Policy (GRASP) Fellowship

Application Form – AWARD Policy Fellows

Deadline: August 31, 2022, 23:59 East Africa Time (GMT+3)




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Nationality: (Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda)

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Tell us why you are interested in applying for the GRASP Fellowship (max. 300 words)






Please describe how the GRASP Fellowship would benefit you

§  Technically - What skills and competences do you expect to gain from your participation in the Fellowship? (max. 200 words)





§  Professionally – What do you anticipate as your career development path by the end of the Fellowship? (max. 200 words)





§  Personally – What interpersonal skills, relations and networks do you plan to develop as a result of your participation in the Fellowship? (max. 200 words)






You are applying to join the GRASP Fellowship as an AWARD Policy Fellow. Could you summarize your experience to date, working as a policy practitioner in the agriculture, food systems and related sectors? (max. 600 words)






Have you received any award/recognition in relation to your work on policy? ¨ Yes       ¨ No

If Yes, provide brief information on the awards/recognitions you received over the past ten (10) years (including title, awarding institution, country, year and any other relevant information)






The GRASP Fellowship also seeks to support Policy Fellows in the development and deployment of gender-responsive policy projects supported by sound evidence and rigorous assessment processes.

§  In your opinion, what is a gender-responsive policy? (max. 300 words)




§  Describe how your policy work has contributed to address important issues such as gender equality and women’s empowerment, social inclusion in the agricultural sector(max. 600 words)






Please identify one (1) specific policy issue you would want to work on and address in the GRASP Fellowship.

Your one policy issue is….


§  Why is this policy issue so important to you and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector? (max. 300 words)





§  How would you go about creatively foster multistakeholder support, for a specific policy that addresses stakeholder needs and priorities of smallholder women and men across various agricultural value chains? (max. 700 words)





§  What would you anticipate as major challenges in the policy development and implementation process? (max. 500 words)





§  What support would you need to strengthen your capacity and engagement in the agricultural policy design, review and implementation? (max. 500 words)





Finally, what do you hope to share with your peers and other stakeholders from your experience in the GRASP Fellowship? (max. 300 words)







¨ I declare that all information provided is accurate and complete. I understand that inaccurate or false information provided on this form will automatically lead to my disqualification.